A little Christmas Cheer


after a bit of “moving things around…” i found a few places (2 to be exact) to add some christmas cheer trees! and a few other little twinkles of joy. hope you enjoy seeing a bit of my holiday display!!

(Notice my new shelf?? that pretty little thing got put up a few weeks ago…LOVE it!! i sort of wish my Starbucks sign had been hung just a touch higher now…but no sense in taking it down…repairing the drywall, repainting..to rehang it 6″ inches or so…)


my snoopy tree…packed to the max. it lights up at night with one strand of multi colored outdoor bulb lights. I still have plans to place a few twigs…painted white to the tree…as if this tree needs anything more….


a little sparkle 3 tree display…and my NEW winter pillow. my husband just tends to sigh when i bring in seasonal pillows…after a few years of marriage…he knows they are coming…even if he were to complain…about the purchase of YET another Pillow!


and the stockings were hung by the chimney with glee…

happy monday readers. wishing you all a very merry christmas season. scl

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3 thoughts on “A little Christmas Cheer

  1. Sherri says:

    I am in love with every little bit of your decor!!! Where are you finding these AMAZING pieces??!!! Inbox me… I have to know. That house is decorated to my dream!!!

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