Our finished product…well almost finished product.



imagenotice behind the armoire…plastic!  the original bathroom is just behind that door…and since we were not able to remodel it during this first phase….we put up plastic so that we wouldnt have to tear into our wood panel walls in the future. thankfully that was the only wall big enough for our armoire so it covers it up quite nicely.

so a few of the things that we did to make our space go from this:



1. we had to floor a loft that could fit all three girls…so with that being said…we lost our A-frame windows and 20′ high ceilings on the first floor. however…even with flooring the loft- we were left with 8′ ceilings in the living space.  in order to use all  the ceiling space that we could get…it was necessary to leave everything exposed.  of course… i didnt mind this at all… since i already had a plan in mind for my lighting.  exposed ceilings would allow the lighting idea to work perfectly.  (more on lighting in another post)

2.  new flooring- which i mentioned in a previous post.

3.  8″ (or maybe they are 6″???) wood wall planks. which we hung vertical. i bounced the idea back and forth and could not figure out which way i wanted the wood to be installed on the walls- vertical or horizontal…so i left that to my husband to figure out mathematically…he determined that hanging them veritical would  give us the best yield from the wood.

****side note**** in order to allow the cottage wood to look more rustic like they had been there for years…i avoided caulking every joint and nail hole. this allows each piece of board to be seen and well as  nice amount of texture to break up the white paint.

4.  a new stair case (which i will show up close picture of  and explain in a future post)

5.  furniture. and this is where i surprised even myself….look how much furniture fits comfortably into our space! yay!  my father in law joked that i would never get the amount of furniture that i was thinking i could…and then the day of the move….he said…i proved him wrong!!  now thats a happy ending!!!!

one thing to notice that will be in a future post…the extra tiny loft to the right of the armoire with ladder access. (my husband and contractors idea…two men thought of that…can you believe it??) my kiddos love this space. it is a nice space for just about anything!

since this photo a few decor things have changed and we put up our closet door… i will snap a pic and post that extra showing tomorrow…so stay tuned and keep reading!!

happy hump day readers. scl

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3 thoughts on “Our finished product…well almost finished product.

  1. Terri CRIDER says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….you turned this lil house into a BIG HOME…unique, cozy and welcoming!

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