Drop me a line…Mailbox DIY

imagemy diy mailbox.

so my darling husband hit our mailbox not long ago…which left it with a nice large…and quite ugly….dent.

a new mailbox was just not of any importance to me…until the other day while wandering around walmart….i ran into a sale section in the home goods section…and there was a mailbox…a 12.00…silver aluminum mailbox. cheap enough. sold.

i ventured home thinkng how amazing my new mailbox was going to look as is…and then i had a thought… a DIY. so i grabbed some washi paper tape- which i had…and a black sharpie. simple additions i know…but why not.

and wallah…. my new mailbox!!

we had some rain come our way…so i put the box outside prior to screwing it on the post…to see if it would all stick and stay…and so far so good.

supply list:

mailbox- walmart

washi tape- target, michaels, hobby lobby, etc.

sharpie marker- anywhere …even the gas stations sells these now

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