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Gifts to think about Giving…

This is the time of year where we all begin to think about giving.

and … I dont know about you…but i love gifts of thought way more than gifts of monetary value. (unless you are my husband…in which case you can certainly buy me that cartier love ring i have been wanting!!)   So with that in mind (minus the side note to my darling husband) i have been on the hunt for easy to make gifts to give. gifts of thought. gifts that will mean more to those that receive them as the years go by.  homemade and handmade.   gifts like we made in kindergarten and gave to our parents and grandparents.  and the best part… even if you dont consider yourself the crafty type…you can certainly go for it…because after all…gifts of thought welcome a few (or more than a few)  imperfections and the best part is the imperfections are really never seen by those who receive!

a few of my favoites so far… courtesy of  country living

(dear family and friends, stop reading… here unless you want to see a gift you might actually receive!)

country living coasters.
wood coasters with leaf accents.

this would be perfect for this time of year. i am thinking a house warming gift for thanksgiving!

country living draft stopper

draft stopper

perhaps i am thinking of a draft stopper…because not only will i need to make one to give…but one to receive as well…brrrr…our new cottage is quite draffffty!!

country living necklaces
nature necklaces

i love that these are made with acorns and tiny pinecones…which are truly in abundance this time of year. again, a great gift to give on thanksgiving. making them even special if you live out of town from family…this would be like leaving a piece of your land around for loved ones to enjoy.

country living platesantique plates and quotes

i tend to love antique plates. i love this idea of adding a phrase… everyone you know probably has a favorite saying or scripture that could make this gift super special!!


one of my favorite handmade gifts of thought…

this pillow was given to me. made by my sister in law and given as a gift a few christmas’ ago… i cherish this pillow and each time i see it, i think of her.  no pillow i could ever buy would be as beautiful as this!

Happy Thursday Readers!

Dont forget if you live in Atlanta or in the surrounding area…this weekend is the country living fair at stone mountain park !!  

October 25, 26, 27.

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One thought on “Gifts to think about Giving…

  1. Any of those would be welcome at my house…especially the draft stoppers! You need to show the wonderful coasters you made for me in the past too!

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