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let there be…

….light…but not just any kind of ordinary light….

lighting two.

lighting one.

i love the industrial yet soft look of both of these fixtures. and it has been my mission to re-create them.

first… i had to find a good round base. i have literally scoured home depot, lowes, michaels, joann’s, ikea, you name it looking for the perfect base. last weekend – while at scotts antique market here in atlanta- i think i may have found the answer. i purchased a “ring” from a wine barrel for the tiny cost of $5.00. the gentleman that i purchased the ring from said he wondered if he would sell “a one of them” and i was his answer….yes!!  there is always be a need for someone to purchase a rusty old round ring from a wine barrel!!

second...the easy part…the fabric with which to wrap my base… linen (awful expensive) and a painters tarp!! (super cheap and the scraps are useful for a number of things…i will show you that with some DIY Christmas posts to come).  needless to say…im gonna go for the painters tarp!

third…my light kit…easy – ikea. done. another tiny cost of $5.00.

fourth… how to assemble the light for it to hang…. and that put me back to….STill LoOKinG! : )

gotcha!!! huh?  …  you thought i was going to show you the finished step by step…end result… well… not just yet. but soon…

happy thursday readers. weekend in sight!! scl

*****for the links to these photos..please visit my pinterest board labeled “lighting” or click on each photo to be directed to the original site*****

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3 thoughts on “let there be…

  1. I have the first image pinned on pinterest…..LUV these! I’m sure you will figure out the “assembly” part…….

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