a little of this…to get back where we started…

a little of this...to get back where we started...
…my husbands “things” are taking over…

In the past few months my husband has picked up two old habits….guitar pickin’ & skate boardin’…while I am happy for this/these past loves circling back… I must say…finding him “man cave” space in a house of less than 1300 sq ft – with all our space needing to be extremely functional…Well that has become quite challenging…Thank goodness for vertical wall space. Vertical has offered a tiny solution as shown. Now where to put the remaining guitars and amps…and foot pedals…if I find a neat ideA…I’ll be sure to share…

Oh here is a DIY idea squeezed in to this photo…

Industrial yarn spool
IKEA light kit
(1) Floor Flange ??
(1) Fitted 4″ pipe with threads 1/4 pipe…
(1) 1/2 to 1/4 reducer
(1) 6″ nipple (sorry girls that’s really what it’s called)


All the pipe “stuff” sticks into the hole(s) of the spool and holds it on the wall.

Wrap, wrap, wrap, cord to light kit around the spool…and…

Plug it in.

Wah lah!!! Let there be cute industrial lighting for all. scl

Happy weekend Readers!

Could I actually be back this time for good???

A little Christmas Cheer


after a bit of “moving things around…” i found a few places (2 to be exact) to add some christmas cheer trees! and a few other little twinkles of joy. hope you enjoy seeing a bit of my holiday display!!

(Notice my new shelf?? that pretty little thing got put up a few weeks ago…LOVE it!! i sort of wish my Starbucks sign had been hung just a touch higher now…but no sense in taking it down…repairing the drywall, repainting..to rehang it 6″ inches or so…)


my snoopy tree…packed to the max. it lights up at night with one strand of multi colored outdoor bulb lights. I still have plans to place a few twigs…painted white to the tree…as if this tree needs anything more….


a little sparkle 3 tree display…and my NEW winter pillow. my husband just tends to sigh when i bring in seasonal pillows…after a few years of marriage…he knows they are coming…even if he were to complain…about the purchase of YET another Pillow!


and the stockings were hung by the chimney with glee…

happy monday readers. wishing you all a very merry christmas season. scl

The Dining Room

the beginning…

(hi Ren…sorry to have to post this pic with you in it!)

my husband and 2 of my little ones discussing the house…this was our first look at the Aframe when it was for sale

the pics dont show this very well…but this space – which was originally the front porch of the cabin- was closed in, in the 70′s to create a concrete and stone floor with a beautiful view of the lake! there were three stone steps leading down to the enclosed area with a railing around the remaining area and a half wall/ledge…which was part of the originally dining room … which the renters were using as a third bedroom.

in order for the space to be more usable for us…we did several things…
1. we removed the stone steps so that we could bump out our bedroom a few feet.
2. (shown in photo below) we tore out the existing half wall and rebuilt it allowing us to build in storage under the house. (notice the doors beside the steps on the lower part of the wall) prior to doing this..there was only one area for storage…the closet where we would have also put our clothes!
3. (shown in photo below) built a new set of stairs into what would become our dining area. since we were building a set…this allowed us again to build in more storage. the new set of stairs have a latch door that raises on the landing – allowing us to have even MOrE storage!!
4. built new railings…the top of the railing is made from recycle studs that we had to remove from the walls… we just cut off the rotten parts! the remaining railings were made using rebarb! again…a super inexpensive material…plus as you know i am sort of in love with a laid back industrial vibe!

this photo is showing 2 and 3′s explanation … from above

after bumping out the bedroom wall – using the 6′ which used to be the stone steps) we were left with a pretty cool wall under the “reading loft- details coming” … since we dont have too much actually wall space…i wanted to be able to have a really cool focal wall. but keep in mind…we really needed to work with inexpensive material…so one day while roaming lowe’s for ideas…i came across lath wood. lath wood’s original purpose was to help created the form and stability for stucco walls when used with mortar. in my case…it became a material used on the outside of the wall for decor!

to prepare the wood i did a few things…
1. sanded the rough edges..this stuff remember is not meant to be seen…so it is poor wood quality!
2. stained the lath wood in 3 colors ranging from natural to dark.
3. spray painted other pieces…
4. then sanded the wood once final time to create a lightly distressed look— i really just wanted to soften the color a touch.
5. picked a random design and began stapling the lath wood to the wall (well…i didnt, this was done by my husband…who also created the design!)

the finished wall …. which i adore!!

then we added a door to our bedroom…i really wanted to use the old distressed doors that were our wedding backdrop…the photos can be seen on Facebook…at shannon crider langley. we hung them like a barn door…but used galvanized steel poles…much less expensive than buying the barn door hardware!

the somewhat finished dining room!

vintage herman miller chairs, hanging chairs from ikea, a pub table from england (steal at 100.00!), leather director chairs, a super cheap ikea rug, a really fun ikea chandelier, and my greatest find of all…my starbucks sign!!! (a 40.00 sTEaL from Scott’s Antiques)

i still plan to….
1. hang a ledge under the starbuck sign to prop up photos and display some fun “dining room” decor!
2. switch out the storage door with something a bit more unique
3. paint the tops of the steps a dark grey.

hope you like what we have done so far… and thank you so much for reading!! scl.

Our finished product…well almost finished product.



imagenotice behind the armoire…plastic!  the original bathroom is just behind that door…and since we were not able to remodel it during this first phase….we put up plastic so that we wouldnt have to tear into our wood panel walls in the future. thankfully that was the only wall big enough for our armoire so it covers it up quite nicely.

so a few of the things that we did to make our space go from this:



1. we had to floor a loft that could fit all three girls…so with that being said…we lost our A-frame windows and 20′ high ceilings on the first floor. however…even with flooring the loft- we were left with 8′ ceilings in the living space.  in order to use all  the ceiling space that we could get…it was necessary to leave everything exposed.  of course… i didnt mind this at all… since i already had a plan in mind for my lighting.  exposed ceilings would allow the lighting idea to work perfectly.  (more on lighting in another post)

2.  new flooring- which i mentioned in a previous post.

3.  8″ (or maybe they are 6″???) wood wall planks. which we hung vertical. i bounced the idea back and forth and could not figure out which way i wanted the wood to be installed on the walls- vertical or horizontal…so i left that to my husband to figure out mathematically…he determined that hanging them veritical would  give us the best yield from the wood.

****side note**** in order to allow the cottage wood to look more rustic like they had been there for years…i avoided caulking every joint and nail hole. this allows each piece of board to be seen and well as  nice amount of texture to break up the white paint.

4.  a new stair case (which i will show up close picture of  and explain in a future post)

5.  furniture. and this is where i surprised even myself….look how much furniture fits comfortably into our space! yay!  my father in law joked that i would never get the amount of furniture that i was thinking i could…and then the day of the move….he said…i proved him wrong!!  now thats a happy ending!!!!

one thing to notice that will be in a future post…the extra tiny loft to the right of the armoire with ladder access. (my husband and contractors idea…two men thought of that…can you believe it??) my kiddos love this space. it is a nice space for just about anything!

since this photo a few decor things have changed and we put up our closet door… i will snap a pic and post that extra showing tomorrow…so stay tuned and keep reading!!

happy hump day readers. scl

Drop me a line…Mailbox DIY

imagemy diy mailbox.

so my darling husband hit our mailbox not long ago…which left it with a nice large…and quite ugly….dent.

a new mailbox was just not of any importance to me…until the other day while wandering around walmart….i ran into a sale section in the home goods section…and there was a mailbox…a 12.00…silver aluminum mailbox. cheap enough. sold.

i ventured home thinkng how amazing my new mailbox was going to look as is…and then i had a thought… a DIY. so i grabbed some washi paper tape- which i had…and a black sharpie. simple additions i know…but why not.

and wallah…. my new mailbox!!

we had some rain come our way…so i put the box outside prior to screwing it on the post…to see if it would all stick and stay…and so far so good.

supply list:

mailbox- walmart

washi tape- target, michaels, hobby lobby, etc.

sharpie marker- anywhere …even the gas stations sells these now